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The motorcycle industry has changed significantly since the new Millennium, mainly in the shift from Sports-Bikes to Adventure, Touring and Dual Sports. They have also become more affordable, making the Biking Adventure more of a reality with most maufacturers now offering suitable machines.


The opportunity to have a machine that can take you long distances, escape routine and seek adventure also  demands specific needs, requirements and preferences so aftermarket accessories are in big demand.

They can transform a bike into the perfect steed and make any Adventure possible, taking you closer to nature and explore the surroundings and different countries. This is where we like to help!


Our aim is to offer innovative, high quality, yet cost effective products which are designed to enhance your riding experience as well as help keep your bike in optimum condition.


Our Product Range is continually growing so please check back regularly or contact us if you have a new application in mind.


We pride ourselves on customer care and quality of service so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help or information.


Many of our sales are to international customers so we are happy to provide a quote for Dollars, Euros, etc and offer the current exchange rate. We take payment by Paypal which also allows customers to pay by Debit / Credit Card even if they don't have a Paypal account.


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