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Triumph Sprint - Foot-Rests Lowering Kit (with improved Gear Shifter)
  • The foot-rests on the Sprint and GT are positioned in a sports-bike fashion and hence are far from ideal for a touring bike – a commonly reported issue with this model - so we have designed a lowering kit to significantly improve this.

    This kit also provides more positive shifting, giving better confidence in all conditions.

    The kit allows the foot-rest assemblies to be relocated 40mm lower than standard with only a small compromise on lean angle, unlikely to be noticed on the road under normal riding conditions - please note that the standard foot-rests have long grounding posts in them suggesting there is already quite a bit of scope for lowering once they are removed (after-market pegs shown).


    In order to accommodate the relocation of the foot-rest assemblies, we have redesigned the entire gear-shift assembly and extended the rear brake link-rod. 


    The only modification to the bike is an adjusted side-stand access arm – can be bent in place to give clearance to the new gear-lever.

    Everything else is a simple bolt-on process. 

    The gear-lever also has 3 different hole positions for the toe-peg so you can adjust it to suit your boot/foot size. 


    The kit includes a Plastic Toe-Peg but you can upgrade to a Stainless one if required.

    All parts and hardware are made from stainless-steel (with the exception of the gearbox input shaft arm which is Aluminium), including upgraded linkage ball joints.

    Triumph Sprint - Foot-Rests Lowering Kit (with improved Gear Shifter)

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