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Kawasaki Versys 650 (2010) - Front Brake Upgrade

We have now finished development of a superb front brake upgrade kit for the Versys who's brakes are widely considered one of the worst features of the bike.

Replace the basic sliding-caliper units with Twin 4-pot calipers which are more in keeping with the bike's performance and handling.

The calipers were carefully selected for their configuration, as well as performance, to allow suitable matching to existing hose routes and lengths.

The kit allows you to use the existing master-cylinder and hoses to retain just the right amount of feel and progression to suit the standard suspension.

This offers powerful retardation without any surprises!

The kit includes everything you need for the installation, except DOT4 fluid and thread-lock.



·          Fully refurbished Nissin calipers (as used on the Daytona, Speed Four, Thunderbird, new Tiger 1200, etc) using new stainless steel hardware, polished pistons and new seals

·          New brake pads

·          New banjo bolts crush washers

·          Stainless steel adapter plates

·          High tensile A4 stainless steel mounting bolts

·          Quick-bleed kit

Transforms your bike in less than 1 hour plus they look the absolute business!

Normally come with the embossed Nissin logo.


The calipers are better than new, with all stainless-steel hardware and durable black paint finish.


Please note: Photos show a similar upgrade kit on another bike.

Kawasaki Versys 650 (2010) - Front Brake Upgrade

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