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Ducati Supersport (2017)
  • The Supersport is an excellent all-round bike but for long distance and touring use it has a lack of decent wind and weather protection.


    The standard screen is angled to direct wind blast directly at the head and the Ducati touring screen is only marginally better.


    We have addressed these issues by designing a unique bolt-on sub-carrier that allows a greater range of adjustment for the screen, adding angle adjustment to the existing bike's height adjustment.


    Increases the height of the Screen up to approximately 50mm at the top edge.


    A black powder-coated finish and tool-less adjustmenter knobs are standard with this kit.


    The carrier repositions the screen 25mm further forward to relieve pressure in front of the screen and reducing vacuum behind it - the main cause of turbulence. This allows the air to flow better over and around the screen.

    This forward positioning also provides essential airflow to prevent visor misting and fogging.


    The added tilting ability allows you to fine tune its performance to suit your varying needs - pillion and luggage configurations, road types, weather, etc.

    Ducati Supersport (2017)

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