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Ducati Multistrada 1200 (2013) - Gear Shifter

The Multistrada's Gear Shift is very vague and many riders report issues with missed gears and false neutrals - can be extremely scarey and dangerous especially when down-shifting for corners. In some cases, mis-shifting can cause engine stalls.


We have designed a unique Gear Shifter that will provide a more positive quick-action movement, giving back much needed confidence whilst shifting gears.


Made from Stainless Steel, it will also help prevent lever breakage in the event of a fall - especially useful for off-road riding and a significant benefit over the standard brittle cast part.


The shifter also provides Two different positions for the Peg and Three for the ball-joint - providing additional benefits depending on feet size and setting preferences.


Two choices of Peg are available (approx 60mm x 20 dia): a Plastic shifter gives comfort and extra off-road security and the Stainless Steel part gives an extra sporty feel and look. 


The optional Stainless Linkage kit consists of heavy-duty rod-ends (with rubber joint seals) and stainless-steel hardware for durable and long-life smooth operation.


Maybe the most critical part you may change on your bike.

Threadlock required for this product.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 (2013) - Gear Shifter

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