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Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 - Windshield Kit
  • This Adapter Kit & Screen combination is designed to significantly improve the bikes cruising and touring ability to provide the rider with a much improved riding experience.

    It will also provide much needed weather/wind protection during the colder months.

    Please note that there are two screen sizes available seperately or you can utilise your own – the mounting tabs have a degree of flexibility to allow you to accomodate another/existing screen.

    The fitment of this kit requires only 4 holes (Dia. 6mm) to be drilled in the cowl.

    Once installed, it can be removed in minutes.


    The Benefits of this system also include:

    * Kit comes Preassembled.

    * 9 indexed positions (height and tilt angles) - giving all the range of adjustment you'll need. 

    * Top grade Laser-Cut Stainless Steel brackets and Stainless Steel fasteners.

    * Kit comes complete with all hardware.

    * Allows cleaning access behind the screen without removal.


    Please note that we recommend the Brace Kit for fitting our Medium Screen or if you want additional security.


    With the option of toolless adjusters, you can easily adjust the angle and height of your windshield kit.


    With just a few minutes of your time, you'll be ready to hit the road with improved comfort and protection.


    Options List:

    • Tool-less adjusters - Offers tool free adjustment for your windshield kit.
    • Brace Kit - We recommend the Brace Kit for fitting our Medium Screen or if you want additional security.
    • Palmer Products Screen - Designed to compliment our Windshield kit. Provides significantly improved wind and weather protection. It has a generous curvature for improved lateral aerodynamics and structural rigidity. Screen dimensions are: Small - 380mm high x 320mm wide, Medium - 425mm x 350mm.

    Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 - Windshield Kit

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