Windshields / Screens

We offer our own range of Windshields ( windscreen / screen ) designed to complement our Adapter / Mounting kits.

Undoubtedly the best looking screens available, reflecting the extensive design and development that has gone into creating this critical component!

It will provide significantly improved wind and weather protection, maximising the Bike's touring capability and comfort at speed.

The screens are available in Small (380mm high x 320mm wide), Medium (425mm x 350mm) and Large (480mm x 400mm).

Made from 4mm thick moulded acrylic (plexiglas) and hot-formed to shape then carefully hand finished - this really is a superb unique piece of Engineering and Craftmanship manufactured by a local company who also supply genuine replacement  screens and windows for the original GT40 and classic Ferrari's, etc....

It has a generous curvature for improved lateral aerodynamics and structural rigidity. The 4 mounting holes are pre-drilled.

Vinyl stick-on 'Eye-Brows' (see Gallery pictures) also available.


Windshield Options:


Universal Screen Adapter Kit

This kit offers screen mounting for numerous applications and ideal for a Dual-Sport conversion.


The Mounting brackets have holed tabs that can be bent to shape to suit a particular bike's cowl or fly screen.


The kit comes with everything needed to mount onto a bike plus provision for a screen - use your own or one of our designs at the top of this section.


This kit has all the usual design features as our other, bike specific, kits and we can help tailor a kit to suit your needs.


Full details of the design are shown in the other bike sections above - essentially the same design but you modify the tabs yourself.


Windshield Adapter Options:

Universal Luggage Rack

This versatile luggage rack has been specially designed for the Ducati MS1200 but can be used for numerous applications by drilling new hole locations   - you can do this yourself or send us the hole centres you require and we can confirm suitability and/or drill them for you.

Will allow numerous combinations of luggage retention and strap types.

Has various hole patterns to help mount a Top Box base plate or hardware.


Made from 3mm Stainless Steel with the option of Powder-Coating.

Measures 475mm wide x 300mm deep overall.





Universal Tail Rack

This Tail Rack is ideal for locating a tail-pack or smaller luggage items.

Designed to fit the Ducati Multistrada but can be used for numerous applications by drilling new hole locations - you can do this yourself or send us the hole centres you require and we can confirm suitability and/or drill them for you.

Provides numerous attachment options and the slots are wide enough for buckle straps to be threaded through for secure fastening.


There is also the option to mount a separate Back Rest Assembly if desired, using a unique bracket as shown below.

Made from 3mm Laser-cut Stainless Steel with a brushed finish - powder-coating also available.

Measures approximately 260mm long x 250mm wide overall.





Accessory Bar Shelf

This Accessory Bar Shelf provides a platform for mounting various devices and mounts directly onto our Accessory Bar option for the Screen Sdapter Kits.


It can be set at any angle and is also adjustable forwards and backwards.


Made from 2mm aluminium and powder-coated.


The choice of material means you can easily drill your own custom hole pattern(s).


Needs to be purchased in addition to an Accessory Bar.


Standard width is 80mm so select the width you want from the drop-down menu below.

Select size (width):

Fender Extender

This item is specifically designed to extend the front fender.


Made from Precision Cut, High Quality, durable, Polyurethane as used for the best Rally Car Mudflaps.


An Absolute Must-Have to help keep your bike in optimum condition and helps protect the fragile Ignition Unit!

It is designed to attach to either end of the Front Fender and/or Rear Hugger (one part fits all) to significantly reduce the amount of corrosive road and  track dirt being kicked up onto the bike. It will also reduces stone damage, limiting corrosion even further.

For secure fitting, it is best to use the supplied fasteners which means drilling two 4mm holes in the fender.

The part also has an integrated design feature that allows you adjust it's curvature - essential for attaching to the front of the fender.

The kit includes Stainless Steel Fasteners and Allen Key - or you can use suitable adhesive or double-sided pads/tape.