Bike above shown with large Palmer Products dark tinted screen

Screen Adapter Kit


The Tiger 1200 has one of the best screens in the adventure-bike sector but is still lacking in overall protection and minimised wind noise.


We have addressed these issues by designing the first totally unique adapter kit which not only adds sliding height adjustment to the bike's standard angle adjustment but also repositions the screen slightly for much improved performance.


This kit will now provide a much broader range of adjustment to cater for a much wider range of riders - it will increase screen height up to 70mm with 50mm of sliding travel.


This part is compatible with the Triumph Sat-Nav assembly.

Shown with optional tool-less adjuster knobs.


If you find the standard screen doesn't work efficiently enough then the adapter kit will also accommodate one of our own screens – our large screen will offer more protection and its optimised shape will offer a noticeable improvement over the standard unit - see UNIVERSAL section to select a screen.

You will also need to select 'PP Screen Brackets' from the drop down menu below if you intend fitting one of our screens.

Adjustments can be made using a tool-less adjuster option, in a similar fashion to the bike's arrangement, using plastic knobs.

Made from stainless steel and black powder-coated with large centre 'T' logo feature.

Please note that the tool-less adjuster option is not available with our screen upgrade due to the configuration of the brackets.


Screen In-Fill Panel

This in-fill panel is designed to fit underneath our Screen Adapter Kit (above) to provide additional weather protection.

Can be used with the standard Triumph screens or our own design.

Bolt-on item fitted in minutes.


Made from laser-cut stainless steel and powder-coated with a satin black finish.







Accessory Bar

This Accessory Bar is an extremely cost-effective way of adding a GPS/Accessory mount and is designed to fit onto the Windshield Adapter Kit - can easily be retro-fitted at a later date.


It allows you to position your GPS/Phone/Accessory in the ideal position with minimum distraction from your view ahead.


Aavailable in 1/2" or 3/4" Diameter with either a polished Stainless Steel or black powder-coated alloy.


Fitted in minutes and comes with stainless steel hardware ready to mount into our Screen Adapter Kit (above).






Luggage Rack

Our versatile Luggage Rack has now been been specially adapted to fit the new Tiger 1200 and will mount directly onto the bike using the standard hole positions.

Will allow numerous combinations of luggage retention and strap types.

It has various hole patterns to help mount a Top Box base plate or hardware.


Made from Stainless Steel, with the option of Powder-Coating, and comes with stainless steel hardware and special spacers.

Measures 475mm wide x 300mm deep overall.


Tail Rack

This Tail Rack is ideal for locating a tail-pack or smaller luggage items.

The Rack comes with suitable spacers and stainless steel hardware to mount directly above the existing Triumph tail section.


Provides numerous attachment options and the slots are wide enough for buckle straps to be threaded through for secure fastening.


Made from 3mm Laser-cut Stainless Steel with a brushed finish - powder-coating also available.


Measures approximately 260mm long x 250mm wide overall.



Centre Stand Guard

This Centre Stand Guard has been primarily designed to help protect the rear suspension unit from road and dirt-track debris.

It will also provide additional engine and chassis protection.


It can be fitted in minutes and needs no modifications to the bike.


Precision made from laser-cut stainless steel with a brushed finish and also available with optional black powder-coating.


Mounting is via rubber-lined stainless steel P-clips and stainless steel hardware.


Also available without the logo (specify this on ordering).



Fuel Cap Decal

Add that personal touch to your bike with one of these superb quality filler-cap 3-piece decals.

Made from high quality CNC-cut Aluminium, the graphics are etched into the material during the anodising process - this makes them resistant to corossion, chemicals and heat.

Easily applied using a special foil-backed adhesive.

Please do not mistake these for much lesser quality plastic items.





Auxillary Light Mount Kit

This innovative, extremely cost-effective kit will now give riders the opportunity to fit a wide and varied selection of auxillary lighting, from Projector-style to larger Driving or Fog Lamps.

Being able to mount your lights on the forks also gives the ability to aim your lights in any direction whilst stationary - a major bonus when riding off-road or picking your way through difficult terrain.


Made from Stainless Steel, this robust set-up requires no modifications to the bike and does not interfere with any components or operation - they sit on the rear of the forks.

Also has rubber-lined mounts to protect the forks' finish.

Has 3 hole positions each side to adjust the width of the lights and includes plastic spacers for using M6 bolts ilo M8.


Compact 60mm 55W Spot Lights and electrical kit are an optional extras - see drop down menu.

An absolute must-have upgrade for improved rider safety and can be used as day-time running lights in a slightly dipped position.

Light shrouds are also available in standard brushed finish or black powder-coated.



Bar Ends

Available in either Stainless Steel or Aluminium, these unique Bar-Ends are designed to do three main tasks:

* The extra width added to the bars helps protect more of the body work, frame and suspension parts.

* The additional weight (approximately 150/300g for aluminium/Steel) helps reduce handlebar vibrations - the heavier Stainless parts are recommended if your primary concern is grip vibration.

* Adds an extra weighted feel to the steering - also helped reduce low-speed bar wobble on our own bike.

They also help clamp the handguards tighter to improve their rigidity.

Includes Stainless Steel Hardware.

Fitted in minutes and no bike modifications required.


Axle Bobbins

These Front Bobbins have been specifically designed for the new Tiger 1200.


Made from Very tough Black Plastic with Stainless Steel Hardware - extra chunky design to suit the bikes' Adventure capabilities.

They will provide much needed extra protection for the wheels, frame and chassis components in the event of an accident or fall and their shape & size will withstand repeated abuse.


Needs no modfication to the bike and fitted in minutes!

Requires a 13mm socket to install.



Rear Fender Extender

This rear fender extender has been designed specifically for the Tiger Explorer to significantly reduce the amount of water and debris flung onto the rear of the bike.


Attaches onto the rear fender underneath the number plate, utilising existing fasteners but also requires two additional holes to be made in the plastic fender to maintain a durable installation.


Also provides mount locations to fit the reflector.


Made from stainless steel with the option of a black powder-coated finish.

An essential bolt-on item, fitted in minutes.




Fender Extender

This item is a Universal Mudguard / Mudflap / Fender Extension and can be used for many bike applications.

Made from Precision Cut, High Quality, durable, flexible, 3mm Polyurethane as used for the best Rally Car Mudflaps. It will provide up to 75mm extension to any fender.

An Absolute Must-Have to help keep your bike in optimum condition!

It is designed to attach to either end of a Front Fender and/or Rear Hugger to significantly reduce the amount of corrosive road and  track dirt being kicked up onto the bike. It will also reduces stone damage, limiting corrosion even further.

For secure fitting, it is best to use the supplied fasteners which means drilling two 4mm holes in the fender (a further optional 2 fittings can be accomodated for ultimate security.

The part also has an integrated design feature that allows you adjust it's angle - essential for attaching to the front of a fender to follow the profile of the tyre and not interfere with air flow to the engine.

The kit includes Stainless Steel Fasteners and Allen Key.

Overall dimensions are 145mm wide x 135mm long.



Powder-Coated Rear Hangers

These beautifully finished, powder-coated passenger-peg hangers are offered on a 1 week turnaround basis, whereby you send us your parts and we'll return them in this stunning satin finish.


Simply add the item to your basket and we'll email you the delivery address to send your hangers.


We'll aim to return the parts in around 5-10 days (depending on the coating schedule).