Triumph Thruxton 1200 Accessories.

Screen Upgrades

Our new range of Thruxton 1200R screens have been extensively tested to provide much needed wind and weather protection - whether you're on a track-day or touring we offer two designs to cater for your needs: a GT and a TT version.

The TT version offers approximately 100mm extra height over the standard screen (top edge is 275mm above the triple-clamp bolt) and the GT version offers 50mm additional height.





Three finishes are available: 
Clear, light tint and dark tint (select from the drop-down menu below).

These screens are a direct replacement and come with all new stainless-steel hardware.


Tail Tidy - For Track Upgrade Version

Our Tail-Tidy is designed to suit the Track version of the Thruxton and replaces the large sheet metal components with a much more compact and shorter Aluminium assembly that is black powder-coated.


The underside section covers all the wires and connectors and relocates the number-plate light underneath the tail-light.


A moveable (sliding) reflector assembly is also included with a Union-Jack refletor (as shown).


This is a bolt on item and needs no modifications to the bike.


Comes with stainless-steel hardware.


The number-plate shown is the smallest legal 5-character plate but the Tail-Tidy will also accomodate larger sizes and mimics the slot positions of the standard holder - so you can simply transfer your existing plate without drilling more holes.








Versatile Gear Shifter

The standard gear-shifter can be cumbersome for some riders, with its small foot peg  and profile of the lever arm.


Our Versatile Gear Shifter addresses these issues with a redesigned profile and provides several adjustment provisions to help better suit the rider - it has 3 toe-peg postions plus 3 linkage positions to fine-tune the feel/throw of the shifter.


Made from stainless-steel with a grooved stainless-steel toe-peg included (20mm diameter by 50mm long).


Bolt-on item with new stainless hardware.




Engine/Frame Guard

Standard Linished Finish shown above.

We have designed a guard to protect the engine and lower frame components from the bombardment of road grime and stones.


This is a very vulnerable area of the bike which has no protection and will quickly deteriorate due to corrosion and peppering of the painted components.


Our engine and frame guard has been specifically designed for the Thruxton to offer optimium protection, keeping your big in tip-top condition, whatever the conditions.




It needs no modifications to the bike and fitted in just a few minutes.


Made from laser-cut stainless-steel (with an alloy internal back-bone for extra rigidity) and available with a linished finish (as shown above) or a black powder-coated finish.


Simplicity in its design but effective in its performance.


We consider this an essential upgrade for your Thruxton to maintain it in top condition.


Select Finish:

Heel Guard Plates

Our heel plates are slightly larger than standard, offering different designs and finishes - Union Jack style or standard holed style.


Made from Aluminium and powder-coated - silver or black.


Stainless-steel hardware and spacers included.


Bolt-on item.


Thread-lock recommended.




Black Union Jack style and silver standard holed style shown to the right.


Mirror Adapters


Our range of mirror adapter options are intended to reduce the impact on the bike's width which, in standard trim, adds approximately 200mm - severely limiting the bike's ability to filter through traffic.


Our Mirror Adapters are designed to allow the mirrors to be positioned no wider than the bar ends (but can go wider if you wish).


They also allow fitment of aftermarket mirrors (the mounting hole suits M6 ball attachments) or we can supply a small mirror option as shown.




Two designs are available:


Design #1 - made from aluminium and black powder-coated.

An exrension arm allows the mirrors to rotate inwards or outwards.

Includes a bar-end finishing cap.


Design #2 - made from stainless steel and powder-coated silevr or black.

Reuses the standard black end cap or we can supply a silver finishing cap.


Number Plate Kit

To add a touch of nostalgia to your bike, we have designed a side mounting number-plate kit.


It consists of a pair of frame mounted brackets and a pair of oval plates for mounting a number of your choice.


The components are made from Aluminium with a black powder-coating on the mounting brackets and white coating on the plates (if you want another colour just ask).




If you need numbers too, please select the number of digits you need and make a note of the number and colour you want in the comments section of the basket.


Standard number colours are black, red or yellow in our standard font (as shown) but any colour and font available – email for details.


The numbers are aluminium too.


Bolt-on item fitted in minutes.


All stainless-steel hardware included. 


Thruxton Badge

If, like me, you're not a fan of stickers on your bike, then this is for you.


The size of the badge is the same as the sticker so can be attached over the top of it using a suitable adhesive (not supplied).


It is made from 2mm aluminium, pre-formed (to suit the curvature of the side panels) with either a silver or black powder-coating.


Sold in pairs.


Key Holder

Make your collection of bike parts and accessories complete with this key holder.


Thruxton and Thruxton-R silhouettes available.


Made from stainless-steel and powder-coated silver or black.


You'll need to provide your own fixings depending on where/how you want to mount it.


Size: 250mm long by 175mm wide.