Side Panels

These side-panels have been designed to hide the rear sub-frame and battery tray from view.


Made from 2mm aluminium and black powder-coated, blending nicely with the engine colour and finish.


Available with or without a DIN/Euro socket on the right-hand panel(also comes with a plug to attach to any electrical equipment, e.g. charger).

The left-hand panel has a cut-out for the seat lock.


Comes with stainless steel hardware and spacers.







Tail - Tidy

This Tail-Tidy is a direct replacement for the standard unit and offers a slight weight saving as well as significantly reducing the tail-end bulk, making the bike look much slimmer and neater.


Made from 3mm Aluminium and black powder-coated and comes with stainless-steel spacers and hardware, plus fibre washers to help insulate the heat.


It will accomodate up to 8mm-thread LED numberplate light (available as an optional extra) and indicators of your choice (not included) up to 10mm thread diameter and the side tabs have slots in them to allow easy fitment of the indicators and wires.


You can also purchase a sliding reflector plate which will accommodate the standard reflector.

We can supply a LED numberplate light as shown in the picture.




Peg Drop-Plates

These Peg Drop-Plates have been specifically designed for the F4 and give a wide range of adjustment, providing the foot-pegs with up to 46mm vertical drop and up to 36mm horizontal movement.


Made from 5mm stainless-steel and powder-coated in a satin black finish, closely matching the engine casings.


Comes with stainless steel hardware and fitted in minutes.


You can also select a set of drop-pegs to accomodate our Shifter Assembly as detailed below.


Sold as a pair.






Chain Oiler Conduit

Chain Oilers are typically not aesthetiacally pleasing nor practical to install.

We have developed a kit which allows an Oiler System to be fitted with a hidden conduit design that sandwiches between the plastic protector/runner and the swing-arm.


Made from stainless-steel and black powder-coated, this part is a bolt-on item - no unsightly cable-ties!


The conduit routes the oiler feed tube through the spring/shock cavity of the swing-arm and exits in front of the rear sprocket.

The fitment of a twin feed nozzle is recommended (which we can also supply).

The kit does not include the oiler mechanism but we are glad to make a recommendation.


No more messy thick sticky chain lube!


The conduit shape exactly matches the profile of the chain runner/protector and hidden from view.


Feed Nozzle position.


The Oil is fed onto the sprocket and centrifugal force evenly distributes it onto the chain.


Pivot Shaft Cover Plates

The swingarm pivot shaft isn't the best looking feature on the F4, as they corrode easily, so we have designed a Cover-Plate Kit that is aesthetically more pleasing and discreet.


The kit consists of a threaded alloy bar that slides into the shaft and provided attachment for two stainless-steel, black powder-coated (to match the engine colour), end plates with alloy finishing washers.


Fitted in minutes without special tools (4mm allen key and 10mm socket).







Shifter Assemby

This Shifter Assembly has been specifically designed for the 2010MY F4 and compliments our Peg Drop-Plates perfectly!


The standard shifter assembly is limited in its adjustment, especially if the pegs are moved.


Our Shifter Assembly provides multi adjustment to suit a wide range of boot sizes and riding styles as well as providing ore positive, short-throw changes which inspire more confidence especially during spirited riding!


The kit can easily be set up for reverse shifting.


The splined lever is made from billet-machined ally but the rest is stainless-steel, including the heavy-duty sealed ball-joints and foot-peg (which is 45mm wide and 20mm in diameter).


We also have a corresponding brake-lever upgrade using the same peg size as the shifter.



Front Axle Bobbins

These Front Axle Crash Bobbins have been specifically designed for the F4 2010MY.

Made from Very tough Black Plastic with Stainless Steel installation Hardware and plastic nut covers.


They will provide much needed extra protection for the wheels, frame and chassis components in the event of an accident or fall.


Needs no modfication to the bike and fitted in minutes!

Requires a 13mm thin-wall socket to install.






Exhaust Shield Powder-Coating

This powder-coatingservice is offered on an approximately one-week turnaround basis, whereby you send us your exhaust-shield and we'll return it in this stunning satin black (other colours available).


Simply add the item to your basket and we'll email you the delivery address to send your part.


Please note that cost includes Special Delivery Supplement for quick turnaround.


You will also receive a set of stainless-steel cap-head screws and washers.







Tail-Rack Base-Plate and Luggage System

At last, we are very pleased to offer a versatile luggage system for the MV F4!


This system has been carefully and creatively designed to provide quick-to-adapt luggage capacity without compromising the looks of this beautiful machine.


The system consists of an aluminium base plate which is supported underneath by four ally pillars and held with M6 countersunk fasteners, providing a flat base onto which you can mount a luggage rack or even a camera mount.

Even looks good as a single-seat conversion!


The rear subframe requires four holes to be drilled to attach the pillars and a template is provided to ensure an accurate fitment.

Custom Rack with Givi Speed-Pack

We offer the base plate with a durable powder-coated finish in Black, Red, White or Grey or, if you prefer, a plain aluminium part so you can paint it yourself.


We also offer a couple of luggage racks and more details can be found on our UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS page.

We can also design and manufacture a custom rack/mount of your choice.


This system allows you to attach luggage securely without unsightly straps rubbing the paint-work!!

Select Colour:

Givi Tank-Lock Adapter

This Tank-Lock Adapter allows you to utilise one of Givi's Tail/Tank Bags for quick fitment, without damaging the paintwork, providing a touch of practicality when required.

The plate also has a provision for an additional strap for added security.


This Adapter can be fitted in conjunction with our pillion-seat Base-Plate as detailed above.








We can offer an extensive range of powder-coated colours and finishes to add those personal-touches to your bike so please email for details.