Windshield Adapter Kit.

This Screen Adapter Kit is designed to address the common issues of wind, noise and turbulence to significantly improve the bikes cruising and touring ability, providing the rider with a much improved riding experience.

The Standard Screen is quite a good design (although positioned incorrectly) so we recommend this in conjunction with the Adapter Kit.


The key to optimum performance is the forward position of the screen, just enough to allow air to pass underneath, relieving the vacuum created behind the screen - the main cause of turbulence.


This forward positioning also provides essential airflow to prevent visor misting and fogging.

The standard screen will sit approximately 50mm higher and the range of adjustment is approximately 60mm of extra travel with up to 15 degrees of tilt.


The fitment of this kit requires NO MODIFICATION to the bike and fitted in minutes.

These unique and original Kits have become extremely popular amongst the Adventure Rider community all around the world!! 

The Benefits of this system also include:

* Kit comes Preassembled, ready to mount to the bike using existing locations.

* 12 indexed positions (height and tilt angles) - giving all the range of adjustment you'll need.

* Top grade Laser-Cut Stainless Steel brackets.

* Kit comes complete with all new stainless-steel hardware.

* Allows cleaning access behind the screen without removal.

* Can be fitted in approximately 15-20 minutes.

* Tool-less upgrade available for quicker screen adjustments.


Accessory Bar.

This Accessory Bar is designed to fit onto the Windshield Adapter Kit and can easily be retro-fitted at a later date.


It allows you to position your GPS/Phone/Accessory in the ideal position with minimum distraction from your view ahead.

It also provides excellent weather protection for your accessories in this position.


Available in 1/2" or 3/4" Diameter, in Stainless-Steel or Black powder-coated alloy - suitable for tool-less adjusters or standard fasteners