KTM SMT Accessories

Windshield Kit

The KTM SMT has very limited wind and weather protection so this Adjustable Adapter Kit & Screen combination is designed to significantly improve the bikes' cruising and touring ability to provide the rider with a much improved riding experience.

Please note that there are Three screen sizes available seperately (see UNIVERSAL Section).

The Benefits of this system also include:

* Kit comes Preassembled.

* 9 indexed positions (height and tilt angles) - giving all the range of agjustment you'll need.

* Top grade Laser-Cut Stainless Steel brackets and Stainless Steel fasteners.

* Kit comes complete with all hardware and tools.

* Allows easy cleaning access behind the screen without removal.

* Can be fitted in approximately 20-30 minutes.

* On-line step-by-step detailed digital photo instructions.

* No modifications required to the bike - bracketry uses existing screen mount locations.

This forward positioning of the screen is not only critical for optimised screen performance but it also provides essential airflow to prevent visor misting and fogging in bad/cold weather.

Please note that this kit cannot utilise the standard KTM screens - their size and shape do not offer sufficient protection.

For riders around 6' tall (1.82m), we recommend a Medium Screen (as shown in picture above which is on its lowest setting and mid-tilt position).

The Medium screen is 125mm taller than the standard KTM part on its lowest setting and approx. 200mm on its highest setting.

This slide-show has details of the range of screen adjustment (different application but same adjustment range):



Accessory Bar

This Accessory Bar is designed to fit onto the Windshield Adapter Kit and can easily be retro-fitted at a later date.


It allows you to position your GPS/Phone/Accessory in the ideal position with minimum distraction from your view ahead.

It also provides excellent weather protection for your accessories in this position.


Made from 1/2" or 3/4" Diameter Stainless Steel and suitable for tool-less adjusters or standard fasteners.


Also available in a Black Powder-Coated finish.


Screen Baffle

The forward positioning of the screen is intended to help relieve air pressure built-up in front of it. This means that some air does flow up between the screen and the cowl.

In the colder months, this air may be unwanted so the screen baffle eliminates this.

There can be a slight increase in turbulence behind the screen at higher speeds though but the baffle also rotates so you can set according to the conditions.

This 1mm thick, laser-cut, Stainless-Steel Baffle utilises existing fasteners so no mods required - fitted and removed in minutes.


Axle Bobbins

These Front and Rear Crash Bobbins have been specifically designed for the SMT.

Made from Very tough Black Plastic or polished aluminium with Stainless Steel Hardware - slight chunky design to suit the bikes' styling.


They will provide much needed extra protection for the wheels, frame and chassis components in the event of an accident or fall and their shape & size will withstand repeated abuse.


Needs no modfication to the bike and fitted in minutes!

Requires a 13mm socket to install.