Windshield Kit

The Versys has very limited wind and weather protection so this Adapter Kit & Screen combination is designed to significantly improve the bikes' cruising and touring ability to provide the rider with a much improved riding experience.

Please note that there are Three screen sizes available seperately (see UNIVERSAL Section) or you can utilise your own – the mounting tabs have a degree of flexibility to allow you to accomodate another screen.

The Benefits of this system also include:

* Kit comes Preassembled.

* 9 indexed positions (height and tilt angles) - giving all the range of agjustment you'll need. 

* Top grade Laser-Cut Stainless Steel brackets and Stainless Steel fasteners.

* Kit comes complete with all hardware and tools.

* Allows cleaning access behind the screen without removal.

* Can be fitted in approximately 20-30 minutes.

* On-line step-by-step detailed digital photo instructions.

* No modifications required to the bike.  

This forward positioning of the screen is not only critical for optimised screen performance but it also provides essential airflow to prevent visor misting and fogging.

For riders over 6' tall (1.82m), we recommend a Large Screen (Medium screen shown in picture above).


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Accessory Bar

This Accessory Bar is designed to fit onto the Windshield Adapter Kit and can easily be retro-fitted at a later date.


It allows you to position your GPS/Phone/Accessory in the ideal position with minimum distraction from your view ahead.

It also provides excellent weather protection for your accessories in this position.


Available in 1/2" or 3/4" Diameter with a polished Stainless Steel finish or black powder-coated aluminium - suitable for tool-less adjusters or standard fasteners.



Screen Baffle

The forward positioning of the screen is intended to help relieve air pressure built up in front of it. This means that some air does flow up between the screen and the cowl. In the colder months, this air may be unwanted so the screen baffle eliminates this and also offers additional protection from rain/snow, etc.


The baffle is designed to rotate to any position you require and can also help fine-tune the elimination of turbulence and wind noise - especially useful if carrying luggage and/or passenger.

There can be a slight increase in turbulence behind the screen at higher speeds with the gap totally blanked off.


Made from Stainless Steel and available in a brushed-finish or Black Powder-Coated.


Luggage Rack

This versatile luggage rack will provide a lot of previously unavailable luggage capacity with numerous attachment combinations for top boxes, luggage straps, etc. 

Made from 3mm Stainless Steel with the option of Powder-Coating.

Comes with stainless steel hardware to mount onto the special side plates which mount onto the side handles - the plastic trims need to be removed or modified.

Side plates shown in stainless finish for clarity but will come with a Black Powder-Coated finish. The Rack is available uncoated (see drop-down menu).

Measures 475mm wide x 300mm deep overall.

Compatible with the Kawasaki's optional panniers.

Weight capability must be in line with Kawasaki's specified limits.

Safe weight limit recommended at 8kg for road use.


There is also the option to mount a separate Back Rest / Fuel Canister Holder Assembly if desired, using a unique bracket - see UNIVERSAL section.


Auxillary Light Mounting Kit

This innovative, extremely cost-effective kit will now give riders the opportunity to fit a wide and varied selection of auxillary lighting, from Projector-style to larger Driving or Fog Lamps.

Being able to mount your lights on the forks also gives the ability to aim your lights in any direction whilst stationary - a major bonus when riding off-road or picking your way through difficult terrain.

Made from Stainless Steel, this robust set-up requires no modifications to the bike and does not interfere with any components or operation.

Also has rubber-lined mounts to protect the forks' finish.

Has 3 hole positions each side to adjust the width of the lights.

Compact 60mm 55W Spot Lights and electrical kit are optional extras (see drop-down menu).

An absolute must-have upgrade for improved rider safety and can be used as day-time running lights in a slightly dipped position.

Light shrouds also available.


Front Brake Upgrade

We have now finished development of a superb front brake upgrade kit for the Versys who's brakes are widely considered one of the worst features of the bike.

Replace the basic sliding-caliper units with Twin 4-pot calipers which are more in keeping with the bike's performance and handling.

The calipers were carefully selected for their configuration, as well as performance, to allow suitable matching to existing hose routes and lengths.

The kit allows you to use the existing master-cylinder and hoses to retain just the right amount of feel and progression to suit the standard suspension.

This offers powerful retardation without any surprises!

The kit includes everything you need for the installation, except DOT4 fluid and thread-lock.


·          Fully refurbished Nissin calipers (as used on the Daytona, Speed Four, Thunderbird, new Tiger 1200, etc) using new stainless steel hardware, polished pistons and new seals

·          New brake pads

·          New banjo bolts crush washers

·          Stainless steel adapter plates

·          High tensile A4 stainless steel mounting bolts

·          Quick-bleed kit

Transforms your bike in less than 1 hour plus they look the absolute business!

Normally come with the embossed Nissin logo.


The calipers are better than new, with all stainless-steel hardware and durable black paint finish.


£495 + £15 P&P (UK)

Limited availability so please email for details

Crash Bobbins

These Front and Rear Crash Bobbins have been specifically designed for the Versys.

Made from Very tough Black Plastic with Stainless Steel installation Hardware and plastic covers (as shown).

They will provide much needed extra protection for the wheels, frame and chassis components in the event of an accident or fall and their shape & size will withstand repeated abuse.


The rear bobbins mount onto the existing welded-on bosses and have a central groove to suit a blade-type paddock stand fitting.

Needs no modfication to the bike and fitted in minutes!

Requires a 13mm thin-wall socket to install.



Side Stand Foot Extension

This is a HEAVY DUTY Side Stand Foot Extension to fit the Versys.


Measuring 95 x 78mm overall, it significantly improves the foot's surface area to provide a much more secure footing for your bike especially on softer or infirm ground - does not interfere with the bikes operation.


No modification to the bike is required and fitted in minutes.

This robust design is made from Lazer-Cut High Quality 2mm thick stainless-steel top & bottom plates, plus Stainless Fasteners and comes with alloy Centre-Spacer and an Allen Key.

An 8mm spanner will also be required



Fender Extender

This Fender Extender is made from Precision Cut, High Quality, durable, Polyurethane as used for the best Rally Car Mudflaps.

An Absolute Must-Have to help keep your bike in optimum condition and helps protect the front of the engine.

Ideally suited for the Versys, it is designed to attach to the Front Fender to significantly reduce the amount of corrosive road and track dirt being kicked up onto the bike. It will also reduces stone damage, limiting corrosion even further.


Supplied with Stainless fasteners which require drilling two 4mm holes in the fender (drill available seperately if required - see ACCESSORY section).


The kit includes Stainless Steel Fasteners and Allen Key.


Standard colour is Black but limited numbers in OrangeRed and Blue available - email for details.  

Smaller version available in UNIVERSAL section.


Rear Splash Guard

This Rear Splash Guard is designed to significantly reduce the amount of dirt and debris flung onto the rear of the bike, including the suspension and electrical unit.


Made from durable semi-rigid rubber as used on quality rally-style mudflaps.


Attaches to the battery tray using adhesive pads or stainless fasteners - the former requiring the battery to be removed).


Simple but very effective!



Seat Cover

For standrad or custom-made seats, we now stock seat covers directly from the industries finest:



These superb quality covers are waterproof, sun/UV resistant, durable and stretchable for a custom fit. With minimum care, it will last you for years.

To use, simply remove your seat, place the label to the front, and pull it on. Fasten the hook and loop fasteners underneath your seat and away you go. Leave it on as long as needed as it won’t hurt a thing.

  • 100% waterproof soft-feel fabric
  • Stretchable for a true custom fit
  • Material remains waterproof as it stretches
  • Extremely lightweight and packable
  • Occasional or permanent use
  • Offers protection from boot wear/damage/mud, etc

£55.00    email for details.