Honda NC750X (2021MY) - Accessories

Screen Adapter Kit

We are pleased to announce the availability of our  windshield adapter specifically designed for the latest Honda NC750X


The kit repositions the standard screen slightly further away from the bike which also raises the screen by approximately 50mm (in its lowest setting), thereby optimizing its performance.


It also offers a tilt range of up to 30 degrees, increasing overall height up to approximately 100mm.


Our unique design has become extremely popular amongst the Adventure Rider community all around the world, helping riders transform their bikes!


* Kit comes preassembled, ready to mount to the bike using existing locations.

* Unique indexed positions (nine height and tilt) - giving all the range of adjustment you'll ever need. 


* Top grade Laser-Cut Stainless Steel brackets and Stainless Steel fasteners.

* Needs NO MODIFICATION to the bike and fitted in minutes!

* Kit comes complete with all hardware and hex-keys. 

* Provides extra access behind the screen for cleaning without removal.

* Optional Tool-less adjusters available.


Other features include an optional integrated Accessory Bar and Rotating Screen Baffle - all unique Palmer Product designs.



You can also upgrade your screen to one of our own designs - Medium size is 425mm high x 350mmwide and Large is 480mm x 390mm (email for details).


Screen Adjustment Range (slide show) HERE


Screen Baffle

The forward positioning of the screen is intended to help relieve air pressure built up in front of it. This means that some air does flow up between the screen and the cowl. In the colder months, this air may be unwanted so the screen baffle eliminates this and also offers additional protection from rain/snow, etc.


The baffle is designed to rotate to any position you require and can also help fine-tune the elimination of turbulence and wind noise - especially useful if carrying luggage and/or passenger.




There can be a slight increase in turbulence behind the screen at higher speeds with the gap totally blanked off.


Made from Stainless Steel and available in a brushed-finish or Black Powder-Coated.


Accessory Bar

This Accessory Bar is designed to fit onto the Windshield Adapter Kit and can easily be retro-fitted at a later date. 


It allows you to position your GPS/Phone/Accessory in the ideal position with minimum distraction from your view ahead.


It also provides excellent weather protection for your accessories in this position. 


Available in 1/2" or 3/4" Diameters with a polished Stainless Steel finish or Black powder-coated alloy.