Windshield Adapter Kit

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This unique Windshield Adapter Kit is designed to accomodate the Buell Ulysses XB12X / XB12XT touring (tall) screen and improve the bikes cruising and touring ability - does not include the screen itself.


We also produce our own Screen Designs which are available in Medium and Large sizes - see UNIVERSAL PARTS Section.


The Kit re-positions the screen with multi adjustment to provide significantly improved wind and weather protection against the standard set up - this unique Kit has now become extremely popular amongst the Adventure Rider community all around the world!!

The advantages of the system also include:

* Compact, light weight design.

* Kit comes with Preassemble parts.

* 9 indexed positions (height and tilt angles) - this allows you to return to a preferred position depending on conditions.

* Increases the Buell screen height up to approximately 200mm+ !!

* BMW GS type forward postioning of the screen - this is the key to optimise screen performance and minimise screen size.

* The forward positioning also provides essential airflow to prevent visor misting/fogging.

* Top grade Laser-Cut Stainless Steel brackets and Stainless Steel fasteners.

* Needs no modifications to the bike.

* Kit comes complete with all hardware and tools, plus spare sundries.

* Allows easy removal of the screen when necessary - the standard screen requires the cowl / fly-screen  to be removed first!

* Allows cleaning access behind the screen without removal.

* Can be fitted in approximately 20 - 30 minutes.

* On-line step-by-step detailed digital photo instructions

A Bracing Kit is also available and recommended if fitting a Large size screen.

The kit consists of a Pair of Stainless-Steel Braces plus handle-bar attachments.



Screen Baffle

The forward positioning of the screen is intended to help relieve air pressure built-up in front of it. This means that some air does flow up between the screen and the cowl.

In the colder months, this air may be unwanted so the screen baffle eliminates this.

There is a slight increase in turbulence behind the screen at higher speeds though but the baffle also rotates so you can set according to the conditions. 

This 1mm thick, laser-cut, Stainless-Steel Baffle utilises existing fasteners so no mods required - fitted and removed in minutes.




Accessory Bar

This Accessory Bar is designed to fit onto the Windshield Adapter Kit and can easily be retro-fitted at a later date - if you have the newer style of screen brackets with the extra top-holes.


It allows you to position your GPS/Phone/Accessory in the ideal position with minimum distraction from your view ahead.

It also provides excellent weather protection for your accessories in this position.


Available in 1/2" or 3/4" Diameters with a polished Stainless Steel finish or Black powder-coated alloy.



Tail Tidy

This is probably the easiest, cheapest and most dramatic transformation you can make to your Ulysses by replacing the large rear section with this ultimate Tail-Tidy!!!

This unique design will give a more slender minimalistic look and has two indicator positions (upper and lower) for improved visibilty and safety option when you have the side panniers fitted.

The Tail-Tidy can be supplied with a small LED light assembly or will also accomodate the standard number plate light assembly (with small amount of rubber trimming around the rear wires). The reflector bracket can also be mounted if desired and also has provision to attach our Mudguard or Fender Extender should you need extra mud/dirt protection for off-roading.

Needs no modification to the bike and will accomodate all UK, European and Federal number plate sizes.

Compatible with our own and the standard rear carriers

This superbly Engineered quality item is made from Laser-Cut Aluminium, Black Powder Coated and comes with stainless steel hardware.

The number plate mounting area is 185mm wide x 155mm high.

LED Lights available individually to mount in top centre hole or in pairs as numberplate mounting bolts.



Number Plate LED

Light Bar Kit

The Standard Headlights offer poor visibility at night especially if the conditions are not ideal.

This Mounting Bar allows you to easily fit one or two additional Spot / Fog Lights to significantly improve the bike's lighting capability.

The Bar will take up to 6" diameter units depending on their mounting arrangement

Made from Laser-Cut 4mm Stainless-Steel bar (400mm long) and comes with Stainless-Steel hardware to attach to the bike's existing front fender holes (the same holes are there on the XT & XB models).

Twin Spot Lights (55W each, with mounting kit) are also available plus an Electrical installation kit*(comprises: relay, fuse &  holder, wiring, connectors, cable-ties).

*Please note that some basic knowledge of electrical installation is required (for practical and safety reasons) as this is a kit of parts and not a loom. You will also need cutters and crimps (or suitable tools) to complete the installaion.

See more clearly and BE SEEN!


Spot Light Kit Options:

Bar Ends

This item is a New, Unique Pair of Handle Bar Weights / Protectors specifically designed for the Buell XB range including the XB12X, XB12XT, XB9, XB12 & STT derivatives.

Made from High-Quality Aluminium or Stainless Steel and comes with Stainless Steel Hardware and Allen Key.

This Unique product features a 3-piece Design which replaces the flimsey plastic inserts to provide much-needed extra protection as well as a more secure mounting for the standard Hand Guards.

The extra width added to the bars helps protect more of the body work, frame and suspension parts whilst the additional weight (approximately 350/700g for Aluminium/Steel) helps reduce handlebar vibrations - making this simple modification a genuine multi-functional improvement without compromising the bike's character nor looks.

The Hand Guards are also spaced out slightly to provide more hand-room on the grips.

Needs no modfication to the bike and fitted in minutes!

Please double-check that your bars have an internal diameter of 18.6mm.


Material Options:

Side-Stand Foot Extension

This is a HEAVY DUTY Side Stand Foot Extension to fit the Buell Xb12X Ulysses (not XT).


Measuring 95 x 78mm overall, it significantly improves the foot's surface area to provide a much more secure footing for your bike especially on softer or infirm ground - does not interfere with the bike's operation.


No modification to the bike is required and fitted in minutes.


This robust design is made from Lazer-Cut High Quality 2mm thick stainless-steel top & bottom plates, plus Stainless Fasteners and comes with alloy Centre-Spacer and an Allen Key.

An 8mm spanner will also be required.



Fender Extender

This item is specifically designed to extend the front fender.


Made from Precision Cut, High Quality, durable, Polyurethane as used for the best Rally Car Mudflaps.


An Absolute Must-Have to help keep your bike in optimum condition and helps protect the fragile Ignition Unit!

It is designed to attach to either end of the Front Fender and/or Rear Hugger (one part fits all) to significantly reduce the amount of corrosive road and  track dirt being kicked up onto the bike. It will also reduces stone damage, limiting corrosion even further.

For secure fitting, it is best to use the supplied fasteners which means drilling two 4mm holes in the fender.

The part also has an integrated design feature that allows you adjust it's curvature - essential for attaching to the front of the fender.

The kit includes Stainless Steel Fasteners and Allen Key - or you can use suitable adhesive or double-sided pads/tape.