Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Instructions:

Remove the Screen from the bike and set the mounting brackets in their lowest position.


Remove the plastic-cover and screen support bracket - this metal part will not need to be refitted.

Refit the plastic-cover using the new base-plates and their fixings and tighten to 6-8Nm.

Loosely fit the bracket assemblies as shown and fasten underneath using the long thin washer plate and lock-nuts using around 2-3Nm – do not overtighten.


Before tightening, check the brackets are parallel – approx. 100mm apart.


Assemble the new screen screws onto the screen and hold them in place on the back-side using the rubber washers.

Install the screen onto the brackets and fasten using the washers and lock-nuts – only tighten just enough to very lightly compress the rubber washers. Overtightening may cause cracks in the screen.


Note: the rubber washers need to be sandwiched between the screen and the brackets.


Install the Accessory Bar (optional) as shown in the picture and tighten enough to prevent rotation of the devise you are mounting.