Tiger 955 Screen Kit Instructions:

Before you start, prepare a flat area and cover with a soft cloth or towel to protect the screen from scratches.


Lay out all the new parts and take your time with the installation to avoid any damage to components and bike.


Please note that you are working with metal parts which may have sharp edges.


Step #1

Remove the Bike's screen and place in a safe place to avoid damage.

Ensure the Four rubber mounts are still in their correct locations in the cowl and carefully check they are in good condition to ensure the Screen assembly is secure.

 Step #2

The bracket assemblies comes pre-assembled so the Bracket assemblies can be mounted directly onto the Bike using the existing hole positions - fasteners need to be secure but not over-tightened. 


Please note that the kit shown has the optional Tool-less Adjusters fitted.

 Step #3


With both Bracket assemblies mounted, the Screen can now be attached.


It is important to note that a rubber washer needs to be fitted at each of the Four mounting Tabs and placed between the Screen and the tab - i.e isolating the screen from metal parts.

Secure the fasteners using the Nylock Nuts but only tighten them until just before the rubber washers are starting to compress – Over-tightening may cause the screen to crack.




Please view the Screen Maintenance tips to help keep your screen in optimum condition.



If you have the optional Eye-Brow decals, installation tips are HERE.