Tiger 800 Screen Kit Instructions:

Before starting, prepare a clear flat area to lay out the screen, Adapter Kit and tools, taking extra care not to damage or scratch the screen.


The metal brackets may have sharp edges so take care whilst handling the components.

Remove the standard screen and plastic side supports.


Remove the pivot bracket assembly and fit the new front bracket onto the same mounting holes.


Fit the new rear bracket onto the sub-frame by first removing the 2 screws, then, using the new cap-head screws provided, attach the bracket to the existing locations.

Mount the side bracket assemblies loosely onto the front bracket end hole locations.


Loosely attach the small support arms onto the rear bracket end holes, then mount the other end (using the end position in the indexed slot) onto the side bracket assembly.


Lightly tighten the fasteners then check the brackets are parallel to each other.


Once you are satisfied with their fitment, tighten the fasteners.


The Screen can now be fitted.

Fit the screen fasteners and hold them in place using the rubber retaining washers - these also isolate the screen from the metal brackets so ensure they are fitted correctly.

Offer the screen up to the new brackets and insert the screen fasteners into the corresponding bracket holes (x4).

Assemble the 4 lock-nuts (provided) to the rear of the bracket tabs but only loosely attached at this stage.


With all fasteners attached, tighten the screen lock-nuts just enough to eliminate any movement of the screen - only slightly compressing the rubber washers.





You can now start experimenting with your preferred screen position.


Take care whilst riding the bike until you have familiarised yourself with the bike's new characteristics.


Do not attempt to adjust the screen whilst riding.


Regularly check the fasteners for security.