Tiger 1200 Screen Adapter Kit fitting instructions:

Firstly, remove the standard screen and store in a safe location until you refit it.


Ensure the four rubber well-nuts are still in their correct locations in the bike's screen sub-frame - these will be reused.

The Kit comes with all hardware and fasteners pre-assembled so the Adapter can be secured onto the bike's subframe by screwing the fasteners into the corresponding well-nuts.



Once the Adapter is securely mounted, remove the four plastic knobs or lock-nuts (depending on which spec you have chosen) and the washers underneath.


The spacers and rubber washers should all be left in place.


Mount the screen loosely onto the relevant studs/fasteners.



Fit the four washers over the threaded studs then re-assemble the plastic knobs or fasteners.


Take care not to overtighten as this will stress the screen which can lead to cracking.

Tighten the hardware until you feel resistance on the rubber washers underneath.



Regularly check the fasteners for security, especially the plastic knobs.


Adjustments are made by simply slackening the knobs/lock-nuts and sliding the screen into the desired location.


take care to familiarise yourself to the bike's new characteristics.

Do not attempt to make adjustments whilst riding. 



Screen Upgrade:

To fit a Palmer Products Screen, you will need to firstly install the new mounting brackets as shown above.


Note that the brackets have a spacer underneath each hole location with a plastic washer on the underside.


When fitting the screen, ensure a rubber washer is installed on each fastener to isolate the screen from the metal brackets - take care not to overtighten these fasteners or the screen may crack.