Tiger 1050 Screen Kit Instructions:

Before you start, prepare a flat area and cover with a soft cloth or towel to protect the screen from scratches.


Take your time with the installation and assembly to avoid any damage to parts and bike.


Please note that you are working with metal parts which may have sharp edges.



Step #1

Carefully remove the bike's screen and place it on your prepared surface.

Ensure the six rubber mounts are still in their correct locations in the cowl.


Step #2

The bracket assemblies comes pre-assembled so remove the screen-side fasteners and install onto the screen as shown.

Take extra care not to bend or damage the long bracket extensions!

Ensure the rubber isolators are on the inside and the nylon washers are on the outside as shown below

Step #3

Carefully assemble the brackets to the screen taking care not to overtighten the nylock nuts - tighten them just enough to very lightly compress the rubber isolators.



Please make sure you only tighten the Screen fasteners just before the point where the rubber washers are starting to be compressed. The screens are brittle and cracking may occur unless extra care is taken!

Optional Tool-less Adjusters shown in picture above.


Step #4

The whole assembly is now ready to install onto the bike.

Ensure the smaller nylon washers are on the outside of the bracket and the larger ones on the inside - these need to go between the bike's cowl and the brackets.

Step #5

Very carefully mount the whole assembly onto the bike, partially engaging each of the six mounting screws until all are in place.


Take extra care not to damage the bike's paintwork.


Once the assembly is in place, fully install all the screws - take care not to overtighten them and use the allen key provided.

Finally, check all the hardware for security before taking a test ride.

Take care whilst riding to familiarise yourself with the bike's new characteristics.


Regularly check the fasteners for security, especially the tool-less adjuster knobs.


Do not attempt to adjust the screen whilst riding.



Screen Upgrade Installation:

Please note that if you are fitting one of our Screens, different spacers are required between the cowl and screen brackets - this is to ensure that the new Screen Brackets are approximately 240mm apart (inside measurement).

If you are upgrading your Triumph Screen, then the 6.5mm spacers will need to be replaced with the new 1.5mm ones supplied. If you have ordered the Adapter Kit and Screen at the same time, then they will already be pre-assembled ready to mount directly onto the bike.


You need to make sure that the Black Rubber washers are fitted between the metal brackets and the Screen and care taken to ensure the fasteneres are not overtightened - as this can cuase the screen to crack.


Brace Kit Insatllation:

Before drilling the two 6mm holes, check the position you have marked have some clearance on the inside for the screw head - the cowl panels will need to be removed for drilling.


Check the position you have chosen will give a minimum of 5mm clearance to the forks when they are turned lock-to-lock.


Remove the 3 panel screws as shown below - it will also help to disconnect the indicator connections.

This will give access to the 3 screws that hold the inner panel in place.

These need to be removed also and the panel will be free to extract.

The two screws provided need to be secured with the thread protruding outside the panel to allow attachment of the brace slot - ensure a washer is either side of the brace before securing the plastic knob - these need to be loosened to allow adjustment of the screen brackets.

Please note that we no longer provide tool-less knobs for the lower fixings as this provision is provided by the top locations.


Screen Baffle Installation


The Screen Baffle fits inside the two bracket assemblies and mounts via the 2 lower fasteners.

The tabs should be facing downwards with the rubber 'stop' closest to the paint-work.


Assembly of the Baffle is best done sfter the Bracket assemblies have been mounted onto the fairing.


If you have the tool-less adjusters, the fasteners will need to be completely removed to fit the Baffle - best done by assembly one side at a time.


Ensure there is a plastic washer between the Baffle tabs and the Screen bracket to provide a smooth operation.




GPS / Accessory Bar


 This part will come with 2 extra fasteners and washers.


If you have Tool-less Adjusters, the long fasteners supplied will need to be inserted into the Plastic Adjuster Knobs and thread-locked in position - make sure they are fully tightened as far as they will go inside the knobs - you will then need to replace the existing coach bolts with the new fastener/knob assembly.


If you don't have tool-less adjusters, you can re-use the existing fasteners with the lock-nuts removed.


Ensure a plastic washer sits between the Bar and the bracket.




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