KTM SMT Screen Kit Instructions:

The bracket assemblies come pre-assembled so they can be mounted directly to the bike, before mounting the screen.


Please note that the lower mounts have spacers that must be fitted as shown.


The fasteners need to be secure but not overtightened - the threaded inserts in the bike's cowl are made from brass so take care not to strip the threads.

When mounting the screen, ensure there is a rubber washer sandwiched between the screen and bracket tab at eachof the four hole positions.


Do not overtighten the screen fixings - the fasteners only need to be tightened until the rubber washers start to compress.



Before testing, make sure all hardware is secure and the brackets are adjusted to the same position on each side.


Do not attempt to make adjustments whilst riding.


Take extra care whilst riding to familiarise yourself with the bike's new airflow characteristics.

Regularly check all fasteners for security.