Kawasaki Versys 650 (2015MY) - Screen Adapter Kit Instructions.

Loosen the 2 adjuster knobs and remove the screen.

Remove the 2 plastic rivets and allen bolts from the cowling and remove the cowling by sliding it down towards the front of the bike - this frees it from the locating tabs.

Loosen the 2 bolts holding each screen bracket and remove.

Fit he new bracket assemblies using the allen head bolts & washers supplied.

Refit the cowling by sliding it up around the brackets into position on the locating tabs. refit the plastic rivets and allen bolts.

The optional Baffle and Accessory-Bar can now be fitted by removing the lower knob/bolts and fitting the baffle, making sure to note any spacers that are present.

Refit screen to brackets using the original hardware and plastic shims and install the new stainless-steel oblong shims on the undersid of the coach-bolts - the new brackets are thinner than the originals so these spacers are needed to make sure the knobs can be properly tightened.

Double check all fasteners are secured correctly before riding.


Whilst riding, take extra care to familiarise yourself with the bike's new characteristics.


Do not make adjustments to the screen whilst riding.