Husqvarna Nuda 900 - Screen Kit Installation

First step is to remove the standard white cowl, which is fastened on both sides near the indicators.

With the cowl removed, you now have access to two threaded holes (as indicated by the yellow arrows) that need to be used to mount the new cowl.

Loosely attach the new cowl ensuring the spacers are fitted on the inside.


Mount the clock surround support bracket using the two spacers and longer bolts provided on the front handle-bar clamp holes (as shown).

Please note: loosening the bar clamp will allow the bars to move so make a note of their position so you can fit them back in the same place (the bars have reference markings).


Tighten the two cowl fasteners then attach the bracket assemblies – ensure you fit a plastic spacer under each of the four bracket tabs.

The top two fasteners need to align with the clock surround brace then all four fasteners can be secured with the lock-nuts provided (with a washer under the heads).

Optional tool-less adjuster knobs shown

With the cowl and brackets securely mounted, the screen can now be mounted.

Each of the four screen fasteners needs to have a rubber washer sandwiched between the screen and the bracket tabs to act as isolators.


Once you have loosely installed all four fasteners, tighten them just enough to lightly compress the rubber washers.

Do not over-tighten as this will cause stress on the screen which could cause cracking.

Once the installation is complete, double check all the fasteners for security and the bracket assemblies are set in the same positions.

Take care whilst riding to familiarise yourself with the bike’s new characteristics.

Do not attempt to make adjustments whilst riding.