Honda Varadero / CBF Screen Adapter Kit Instructions:


The Varadero/CBF Screen Adapter Kit comes pre-assembled so after the bike's screen is removed, the bracketry can be simply bolted to the existing hole positions in the fairing using the new fasteners provided (note, these have plastic finishing washers).


A set of 8 black washers is also provided to fit underneath the brackets to prevent damage to any paint-work (if your model has a painted fairing).


Fitment of the screen is the same as before but the back of the new fasteners will need to be secured with the lock-nuts provided.


Take care not to overtighten any of the fasteners as this is not necessary.


Do not attempt to make adjustments whilst riding and take care when trying different screen positions to become acustomed to the bike's new characteristics.


Regularly check all fasteners for security.

Install above shown with optional tool-less adjusters and Accessory Bar.