Screen Adapter Installation - Honda NC700X

The first step is to remove the bike's screen.


Check the four rubber well-nuts are in good condition remain in their locations.


Mount the bracket assemblies as shown, using the new hardware provided.

Before tightening the fasteners, check each set of brackets are parallel to each other.

Please note: the picture above shows the optional 'tool-less' adjusters.

With the brackets mounted, install the screen using the new hardware provided.

Check the holes in the screen line-up with the holes in the brackets - if there is any mis-alignment, make any necssary adjustments to the brackets angle or spacing to avoid placing any stress on the screen.


Take care to ensure that the rubber washers are installed between the screen and the brackets.


Do not overtighten the screen fasteners as this will cause stress which could lead to cracking - only tighten enough to lightly compress the rubber washers.


Installation is now complete.


Take care whilst riding to familiarise yourself with the bike's new characteristics and do not attempt to make adjustments whilst riding.


GPS / Accessory Bar


If you have ordered the GPS Bar with your Adapter Kit then it will have the correct fasteners pre-installed and needs to be mounted onto the top two fasteners - M6 nuts will be provisionally fitted so theese need to be removed to allow correct fitment of the 'bar.


If you purchased it later, it will come with 2 extra fasteners and washers.


The long fasteners supplied will need to be inserted into the Plastic Adjuster Knobs and thread-locked in position - make sure they are fully tightened as far as they will go inside the knobs.


You will then need to replace the existing coach bolts with the new fastener/knob assembly.