Honda Africa Twin - Windshield Adapter Kit Instructions:

The first step is to remove the screen and ensure the rubber well-nuts are correctly seated and in good condition.

Loosely mount the bracket assemblies using the new fasteners provided.

Next, check the brackets are parallel by measuring the distances at the top and bottom - approximately 170mm.

Then tighten the fasteners until the brackets are secure (do not overtighten).

If you have an Accessory Bar option, you can install this onto the brackets before tightening them to the bike (as described above).

Note that a plastic washer needs to be fitted on either end of the bar to prevent metal-to-metal contact.

Pre-assemble the fasteners are rubber washers to the screen making sure the rubber washers are on the inside of the screen and holding the fasteners in place - this make it much easier to offer the screen up the brackets tabs.


Lastly, loosely fit the washers and lock-nuts and once everything is aligned, lightly tighten the nuts until the rubber washers are compressed very lightly (overtightening can cause the screen to crack).