Before you start, prepare a flat area and cover with a soft cloth or towel to protect the screen from scratches. Lay out all the new parts and take your time with the installation to avoid any damage to components and bike.


 Remove the screen and place on a suitable surface to avoid damage and scratches.

Carefully line up the Screen Adapter Kit as shown and install the new M5 fasteners - install the top 2 fasteners first then align the bottom one.


 Ensure the fasteners are secure but do not overtighten.

Apply a small amount of thread lock for extra security.


Now the screen can be attached.

 Carefully align the screen to the corresponding holes and insert the original shoulder bolts then secure using the M5 locknuts and washers provided.


Loosely install all the fasteners, then once you have checked everything lines up and installed correctly, tighten the lock nuts - these can be reasonably secure because the clamping load is not applied to the screen, only the inserted spacers.


Once everything is secure, the screen can be adjusted to your requirements by loosening the Plastic Knobs. The bottom bracket is hinged so doesn't need loosening.


Whilst experimenting with the different screen positions, you will notice that the brackets have 3 distinct indexed positions but you can also choose any position in between - make sure each Adjuster is in the same location on each side and double check they are tightened before test-riding.


 Take care whilst riding to familiarise yourself with the bike's new characteristics.


Do not attempt to adjust the screen whilst riding.


 Regularly check all fasteners for security.


If you have ordered the GPS Bar with your Adapter Kit then it will come pre-assembled onto the Adapter Kit.


If you purchased it later, it will come with 2 extra fasteners and washers and it is recommended to apply threadlock to the screws for extra security.


Screen Upgrade


The Screen mounts directly onto the new brackets but you need to ensure that a rubber washer is fitted either side of the screen to isolate it from the brackets and fastener head.


When tightening the screen fasteners, take care not to over tighten as this will cause stress on the screen which could lead to cracking - just tighten up to the point where the rubber washers start to compress.