First step is to remove the standard screen, keeping the rubber grommets and fasteners installed as they will be required to reattach the screen.

Next, loosely mount the bracket assemblies as shown above, ensuring a plastic washer (provided) is placed underneath each bracket tab.

With the brackets in position, loosely mount the screen, adding the lock-nuts and washers provided.

Ensure a rubber isolating washer is placed between each bracket tab and the screen - this helps relieve stress on the screen.


Finally, tighten the fasteners further, checking alignment of the screen and brackets as you do so.


Once you are happy the brackets and screen are symetrical, tighten the cowl-side brackets to around 2-3Nm but only tighten the screen lock-nuts just enough to lightly compress the rubber washers - overtightening will stress the screen which can cause cracking.

A small amount of loctite on the cowl-side fasteners is also recommended.

You are now ready to take a test ride and find your best setting(s), taking care to familiarise yourself with the bike's new characteristics.


Do not attempt to make adjustments whilst riding.