Buell XB12X Screen Adapter Instructions

Also note that the Kit contains metal parts and although they are hand finished to remove sharp edges care should be taken when assembling, installing and maintaining.


Remove the bike's cowl and screen and separate the two parts.


You will not need to reuse any of the screen mounting hardware.


Please note:if you have difficulty removing the rubber grommets, soak the whole cowl in a sink filled with hot soapy water for about 10-15 minutes - the grommets should then be easy to remove.

Brace Kit:


Please note that the brace kit is recommended if fitting one of our medium or large screens.


It is optional for the Buell standard touring screen but will reduce screen wobble and vibration.


Please view the Screen Maintenance tips to help keep your screen in optimum condition.

If you have the optional Eye-Brow decals, installation tips are HERE.