Benelli Tre-K Screen Kit Instructions:


The first job is to remove the standard screen assembly.

Remove the 2 screws and side fastener retaining each of the side panels.


Remove the small adhesive Benelli badge to gain access to the main screen assembly retaining screw.

Remove the screw using a 5mm hex key.

The screen assembly should now be free to remove but will require careful manoeuvering to prevent any damage to the surrounding parts.


With the cowl assembly removed you must now remove the screen and adjuster assembly - only the cowl and side trims need to be reattached as shown.


Remove the plastic cover above the clocks via the 2 screws then remove the 2 edge clips from the bracket underneath.


Insert the 2 new Hexagon spacers into the bracket holes and secure using the lock-nuts provided.



Offer up the new aluminium cowl, taking care to align the 2 top fasteners into their corresponding fairing holes and also align the lower 2 holes with the new hex spacers – the spacing and position of the hex spacers may need to be adjusted for correct alignment and this can be done by carefully bending the bracket arms.

With the 2 top fasteners loosely in place, loosely install the 2 lower fasteners.

Make sure the cowl is installed symmetrically then tighten the fasteners.

Take care not to over-tighten, especially the 2 upper fairing fasteners as this may cause damage/cracking. Ensure the small plastic washers are fitted in the gap between the new metal cowl and the fairing.


With the new cowl panel in place, the next task is to install the brace bar.

Insert the lower end of the brace in the middle of the head-stock bracket then loosely assemble the top end in the corresponding hole in the cowl. Ensure the washer/spacer is sandwiched in between.


The lower end of the brace now needs securing in place.

Insert the bolt through the head-stock bracket, taking care to install a spacer(s) either side of the brace. Push all the way through and loosely secure with the locknut and washer.

Tighten the top end of the brace followed by the bottom end.

The brace and cowl should now be a solid installation.



Install the pre-assembled screen brackets into their corresponding holes in the cowl then secure on the underside using the lock-nuts and washers.



The screen can now be installed.

Pre-install the 4 screen fasteners in their holes in the screen and hold in place on the inside using the rubber retaining washers provided.

Carefully align the screen with the brackets and loosely assemble the lock-nuts and washers.

Once all 4 fasteners are loosely assembled they can be tightened but take care not to over-tighten as this may cause damage/cracking to the screen.

Only tighten to a point where the rubber washers (between screen and brackets) are just starting to compress.



Double check all fasteners are secure before a test ride.


Take extra care to familiarise yourself with the bike's new characteristics and don't attempt adjustments whilst riding.