Aprilia Pegaso Screen Kit Instructions:

Brace Kit Installation

Attach the brace bars to the screen brackets, ensuring there is a washer each side (as shown above).

 With the screen in it's mid setting , position the  brace with it's slot in the centre of the fastener.



Align the other end of the brace to a suitable position on the inner plastic panel and mark the hole position - check this location will give adequate fork clearance when moving them from lock-to-lock.



Remove the plastic inner-panels (1 each side, adjacent to the forks) which are secured by 2 screws and drill a 6mm hole in the location marked.

Install the screw provided from the inside of the panel and tighten with one of the nuts (place a washer either side of the panel - under the screw head and the nut.

Replace the inner panels.


You will now have 2 threaded studs sticking out of the panels which is where the braces can be attached - there is a washer to fit either side of the brace and a nut to secure.