Aprilia DD 750 Screen Kit Instructions:

Before you start, prepare a flat area and cover with a soft cloth or towel to protect the screen from scratches.


Take your time with the installation and assembly to avoid any damage to parts and bike.


Please note that you are working with metal parts which may have sharp edges.

First, apply masking tape either side of the cowl as shown, to allow you to mark the desired hole locations.


 Next, you need to use the base brackets to mark the four hole positions.

Attach them in the approximate positions shown with masking tape and manoeuvre them until they are 240mm apart (as accurately as you can).

Once you are happy with their positions, mark through the tape to leave a marking on the cowl tape.


 Carefully and clearly mark the centre positions, ready for drilling.


Then carefully drill the four hole positions using a 6.5mm drill bit.


 Attach the base brackets using the M6 fasteners provided - making sure a finishing washer is fitted under the head and a nylong washer is attached on the underside, as shown.


Loosely fit both brackets and recheck their spacing (should be approximately 240mm apart).

When you are happy with their positions, tighten the screws but take care not to overtighten.


You now need to fit the screen-side brackets.

Insert the two main fasteners as shown..................... 


...............................and place a large plastic washer on the inside. 


Attach the screen bracket and secure with the nuts, making sure a smaller plastic washer is fitted under the nuts, as shown.



Repeat for the other side.......................... 



The screen can now be attached.

Preinstall the 4 screen fasteners, ensuring a finishing washer is installed under the screw heads and a rubber washer is fitted on the inside.


Inserts the screen fasteners into the bracket tabs and secure with the washers/nuts - take care not to overtighten; just enough to apply light pressure onto the rubber washers.




Please make sure you only tighten the Screen fasteners just before the point where the rubber washers are starting to be compressed - this is a precaution to prevent excessive stress on the screen which can lead to cracking.


Double check the security of all the fasteners.


You re now ready to test your new screen kit.



Take care to familiarise yourself with the bike's new characteristics and if any adjustments are required, stop the bike, reposition, and check the security of the fasteners again  before riding.



Optional Screen Brace Kit

Brace configuration is as shwon above - please note that there are 2 spacers that need to fit underneath the handlebar clamp front mounts (longer fasteners provided).