Aprilia Caponord - Screen Adapter Kit Installation:

First job is to remove the bike's screen.


Inspect the bottom two rubber well-nuts and replace these if they are perished.


Take care whilst handling the brackets as they may have sharp edges.


Loosely mount the bracket assemblies onto the existing screen mount holes - note: the shorter fasteners fit in the top holes and the longer ones fit in the lower rubber well-nuts.


Before tightening, check the left and right hand brackets are parallel and are approximately 235mm apart (at their narrowest point).


Check that each bracket assembly is set in the same position before mounting the screen.



Mount the screen onto the brackets, taking care to fit a rubber washer (in each fastener location) between the screen and the metal brackets.


Do not over-tighten the screen fasteners (just enough to lightly compress the rubber washers) and this will cause stress/cracking in the screen.


The kit also includes a set of 4 black finishing washers if your screen doesn't have recessed mounting holes, as shown above.



Take care whilst riding to familiarise yourself with the bike's new characteristics.

Do not make adjustments whilst riding.

04-07 MY Notes

For 04-07 MY bikes, the cover plate fits on the underside of the lower bracket mounts.


The bracket assemblies must have a thick spacer installed uder each of the 4 tabs to provide clearance to the fairing.