Windshield Maintenance Tips.


With very few exceptions, little by little, motorcyclists tend to clean their windshields to death. The plastic used to make motorcycle windshields is not as scratch-resistant as the glass windshield on your car and as a result you can not treat it the same way. If you let it get scratched it will soon become hazy, especially when riding into the sun or oncoming headlights.

To help keep your motorcycle's windshield in optimum condition, don't use paper (since it will only cause scratches due to their wood-fibre content) and don't use petrol station squeegies/scrapers. Apply warm water and a mild dishwashing liquid with a soft, cloth to soak your shield before wiping, and avoid glass-cleansing agents or petroleum-based chemicals such as Rain-X and Armor-All - the solvent action of the alcohol in these products can be harmful.

If there is any dirt and grit on the screen, from off-road use for example, then rinse off first to avoid getting the cleaning towel contaminated with scratching particles!

Work crosswise and up and down; if you use a circular motion, you tend, unconsciously, to increase the rag pressure and scrub harder than you need to. Also, if there is any grit on the cloth, circular scratches are more annoying to the eye than straight ones!

To remove scratches, break out a soft clean cloth (old cotton T-Shirts are ideal) together with a fine grade buffing compound (Braso is ideal for this). Hand buffing is recommended and try a small section at a time.

To help prevent bugs from sticking to your windshield, use a polish containing wax (but consult the shield manufacturer's recommendations before applying anything). If you simply try to remove a bug that's stuck to your windshield, it will smear if wet or may scratch if it has dried and hardened.

The best way to remove your insect collection off the windshield is to lay a clean, very wet towel over the bug-splattered side of the windshield for a couple of minutes to allow the water to soak in. Once the water has softened them up, the bugs and their juices can be wiped away easily, using the same wet towel, without scratching the plastic. Be sure you don't use any kind of paper towel, as it will cut into plastic. Follow this up with an application of a good quality cleaner-polish, again, using a soft clean cloth.


Also note, that it is worth regularly checking the tightness of the mounting fasteners. These should be secure but not over-tight as this will apply unwanted stress to the screen and may cause cracking over time.