Top-Rack Assembly Instructions - Triumph Thruxton 1200

Remove the Seat Assembly.

Remove the Rear suspension top mounting bolt on each side.

Attach the main side brackets using the new M8 screws and washers provided and lightly tighten into position – reuse the large washer and ensure it is fitted between the new brackets and the suspension mount.

Loosely attach the two under-seat brackets, using the M8 Screws and washers provided, and position them so they match up to the mounting surface on the main side brackets. When in position, tighten the M8 screws to 8-10Nm.

Align the main side brackets with the corresponding holes in the under-seat brackets and loosely install the M6 screws using a washer under the screw-head and on the backside under the lock-nut.

Once the 4 sets of fasteners are in place, tighten to 4-6Nm then tighten the M8 suspension top mount bolts to 10-12Nm (a small amount of thread-lock is recommended).

Refit the seat assembly and secure in place.

Now fit the top-rack using the M6 fastener sets provided. Once they are all installed, tighten to 4-6Nm.

Please note, the maximum load on the Top-Rack Kit is 6kg.

With the full Luggage Rack Assembly, the load is increased to 12kg due to the additional brace supports.


When carrying any extra load, please ride carefully to ensure the bike’s handling has not been adversely affected and obey the speed limits.