Firstly, remove the plastic tail trim to reveal the rear sub-frame.

Loosely fit the two longer pillars as shown with the nuts underneath (not visible in the picture).

Fit and tighten the two rear-most pillars into the existing threaded holes – if you have the standard exhaust you will need to fit the extra washers under the pillars as the standard tabs are thinner than the Arrow ones.

Drill out the four holes in the plastic trim as shown using an 18mm cutter (suitable for plastic) – the hole centres are moulded into the part.

Align the trim with the pillars to check they all align correctly, making minor adjustments to the long pillars as necessary and now they can be fully tightened.


Refit the trim so you now have all the part installed ready for mounting the base-rack using the four new fasteners and washers provided.

The base-rack will also accept a tail-rack or luggage-rack as shown – ensure the plastic spacers are installed underneath so there is a gap between the two racks as shown.

Tail-Rack installation shown above.

Luggage-Rack installation shown above.