Application guide for parts with adhesive-pad installation

Installation should be conducted in a dry and warm environment.


Check the adhesive pads are securely attached to the part before fitting (even if pre-installed).


Clean the affected area then lightly rub the surface with a piece of fine wet/dry abrasive paper - making sure the surface is smooth and free from burs or defects.


Thoroughly re-clean and dry the surface.


To help optimise the adhesive bond, apply strips of adhesive tape (cellotape or masking tape) to the relevant area, working the tape onto the surface then remove – this will help remove all contaminants.


Check alignment of the part and once you are happy with where you want it to fit remove the backing tape from the pads and press the part into position.


Avoid finger contact with the adhesive surface.


The pads will bond instantly but will not gain full bonding for about 24 hours so keep the environment warm and dry for this period.


Regularly check the part for security.


Do not use a pressure hose or solvents on or around the adhesive pads.