Versys 650 Luggage Rack installation:

The first step is to remove the plastic covers on the pillion handles - there are 2 screws, each side,accessed via the underside of the handles.


Next, attach each of the two news brackets using the hardware provided.


Please note that the holes in the bikes frame are larger than the diameter of the fasteners, so the thick plastic washers provided need to be fitted on the underside between the lock nuts and the frame.


Before tightening, ensure the new brackets are alighned with the profile of the frame, as shown below.


Once the new mounting brackets are installed, the luggage rack can be attached as shown below.


Once again, make sure the plastic washers provided are sandwiched between the btrackets and the lock nuts, this helps prevent damage to the paint finish here.


Once you are happy with the alignment and fitment, securely fasten all the hardware.