Tiger 1050 Light Mount Kit:

The bracketry comes pre-assembled so only requires mounting onto the four P-Clips supplied.


Please note that the two P-Clips on each fork leg are reversed position to each other - the lower one has it's mounting tabs on the outside and the top one on the inside.


Attach one P-Clip at a time, noting the assembly positions of the various washers - the nylon washers need to be installed as shown below, between the P-Clip and the Bracket.

Loosely assemble all the P-Clips then slide the whole assembly into position - just below the horn.


Align the P-Clips so they are square to the forks then tighten the fasteners -

Take care not to overtighten.

Once you have installed your lights, carefully check that the handlebars can be moved from lock to lock without any interference.


Finally, adjust the lights to give their correct light spread, then double check all fasteners for security.




Wiring Schematic HERE