Gear Shifter Upgrade Instructions - Triumph Sprint ST & GT

First step is to remove the foot-peg hanger on both sides.

Disconnect the rear brake link-rod to remove the RHS peg-hanger.

Put safely to one side thge mounting bolts will need to be reused to attached to the new drop-plates.

Mount the new drop-plates using the new M8x20 Cap-Head bolts and washers supplied - Torque to 10-12Nm (assuming the threads are in good condition and not been previously over-torqued).

Remove the existing gear-lever from the back of the peg-hanger and attach the assembly to the drop-plate as shown - torque fasteners to 10-12Nm.

Remove the existing gear-lever and push on the new linkage arm as shown.

Push the arm on as far as it will go, touching the gearbox link shaft retaining clip.

Attach the other ball-joint onto the new gear-lever as shown.

Please note that you may need to adjust the length on the rod and position of the linkage arm to position the toe-peg in the ideal location.

Remove the rear brake arm pin & bracket assembly and insert the new hex connector as shown, fitting a lock-nut either side.

Insert it so there is about 15mm of thread engaged either side.


Wind on the small end pin & bracket (the nut on the end is captivated) and adjust the position until the brake lever is in the correct position and not applying any tension to brake reservoir (i.e the spring tension is holding the lever on its stop).

You may want to remove the peg extension pieces as they are now closer to the ground and more likely to scrape during hard cornering.

Final step is the bend the side-stand access bar - using a piece of long (300mm+), place it over the arm all the way down to the weld joint and gently bend the arm outwards (small amounts at a time) until the side-stand can be retracted onto its rubber-stopper without interfering with the gear-shift arm.

When all is complete, double check all fasteners are secure and the levers operate smoothly and without interferance.

When you are ready for a test-ride, take extra care and caution to familiarise yourself with the new characteristics of the bike.