Gear Shifter Installation - Tiger 1200

First stepis to remove the shifter from the bike, making a note (or a mark) of its position on the splined shaft.

Next, mark the shifter where the flat section ends and remove the end peg.

Clean up the end using a file to remove sharp egdes.


It is important to make sure that you are left with the longest possible flat section on the shifter to have enough material to drill the new holes in their intended positions.

The new shifter section comes with small holes that can be used to accurately mark the hole centres for the new 8mm holes.


Mark these holes as close as possible to the end of the cut-down shifter, making sure you allow enough room for the 8mm hole at the end.


The new shifter section is slotted, which will allow you to move the new section further out if desired.

With the 8mm holes drilled, mate the two parts together and tighten the fasteners, using an appropriate thread-lock.

Finally, attach the shifter assembly back onto the splined shaft, noting its prior position.


With the shifter installed, you can now adjust the peg to its desired position.


Regularly check the fasteners for security.