Engine Guard Installation - Nuda 900

Before assembling the engine guard, thoroughly clean the front and underside faces of the engine, paying particular attention to ensure the threaded hole in the sump are clean and free from debris.

The treads will need to be dry as thread-lock is required in these.

Loosely attach the two sump bolts (with a small amount of loctite applied and a washer under each head), ensuring a spacer is fitted in each location, as shown above.

Next, carefully align the front brace bracket with the boss on the engine and install the long brace bolt, with a washer under the head.

(Note, the brace bracket is loosely assembled so do not tighten yet).

Loosely assemble the washer and nut on the other side of the  brace bolt.

Next, tighten the two sump bolts to 12-15 Nm, then do the same for the brace bolt.

The last operation is to tighten the two brace bracket fasteners as shown above.


The installation is now complete.


Regularly check all the fasteners for security.