Vinyl Graphic Application Instructions.


The first step in the process is to make sure that the surface you are applying to is smooth and clean, free from dust and grease/polish.

Do not apply the sticker when the surface is in a very cold & damp environment.

Patience is the most important thing when applying vinyl graphics, take your time and don’t panic.

Your vinyl graphic stickers will come to you covered in a special film called Application Paper. This is a special covering, which will assist you in applying your graphics to your chosen surface, and when used correctly, will avoid creasing and air bubbles plus helps resist scratches if you use an implement to smooth out the air.

To make the application easier, use an applicator such as a piece of non-jagged rigid plastic, like a credit card, or you can just use a cloth.

Moisten a cloth with warm water and washing up liquid and generously apply the soapy solution to the application area. The soapy water actually works with the adhesive when it has dried.

The next stage involves removing the backing paper from your graphic. This must be carried out slowly and carefully, gently peeling the BACKING PAPER AWAY FROM THE APPLICATION TAPE, making sure all parts of the graphic stay on the application tape. DO NOT PEEL THE APPLICATION PAPER AWAY FROM THE BACKING PAPER.

Then align the graphic to the chosen position and apply onto the soapy area – this will help you slide the decal into the desired spot.

Using your chosen applicator, or cloth, slowly and gently smooth the application tape down onto the surface, squeazing out the excess liquid and bubbles – you can see these from the inside of the screen.

Once you have smoothed the whole graphic and sure there are no air bubbles, gently peel off the application paper, making sure that it does not lift any part of the Vinyl.

Wipe any excess liquid from the screen and decal then leave to dry for about ½-1 hour.

If you have missed the odd bubble, these can often be removed by piercing the bubble with a pin and smoothing the trapped air out. Creases, unfortunately, are very difficult to remove and should be left. Avoid hard rubbing of the vinyl as it can crease or tear. 

The signs/graphics/stickers should last for many years if treated properly. Avoid polishing vigorously and pointing pressure washers at them directly. 

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